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Here are some movie clips you can download, they are very big files, you will probably need high-speed internet to view them, unless you are VERY patient. :)

Patches & A Possum (2.8Meg) Patches Tubing1 (4Meg) Patches Tubing2 (5.7Meg) Steve & Brady Swamp Biking (5Meg)
The T-Bird (9Meg) The T-Bird Jumping (1.6Meg) The T-Bird Burnin'g1 (1.5Meg) The T-Bird Burning2 (2Meg)
A 360 in the Boat (3Meg) A Nose Dive in the Boat (6.4Meg) Brady's Pool Party at the New House (4.5Meg) Brittany & Bailee Trampoline (2.7Meg)
Bailee Feeding Monkeys (10 Meg) Bailee Training Patches (3.7Meg) Beating The Rental Car (2.6Meg) Brittany & Bailee Feeding Birds (5.5Meg)
Bailee Graduating Kindergarten1 (3Meg) Bailee Graduating Kindergarten2 (2Meg) Bailee Knee boarding (4.3Meg) Bailee Go-carting (1 meg)
Brady's Cannonball (1.5meg) Brady's B-Day (5meg) Brittany's Halloween Sleep-over (5.8meg) Brittany Cake in-the-face (1.2meg)
Brittany"s School Award (7.2 meg) Brittany's B-day (7.2 meg) Easter-egg Hunt (4.5 meg) Train Ride (5.9meg) 
Rocket Launch (14.9 meg) Hurricane in our back yard (7.1meg) Bailee Singing in the tub (8.9 meg) Brady & Tyler at The Beach (2.1meg)