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Bailee's B-day crown. I think I want an icecicle. 
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Bailee's coloring book house. Ouch!! I think we forgot how cold "freezing cold" was.  Smoky mtns - 32 degrees.
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The King of the Smoky Mountains No, we're the royalty of the mountains!
Picture 028.jpg (356471 bytes) Picture 051.jpg (184591 bytes)
Yay, I can't wait to see what's next! Bailee, Thomas & Brady at the insane demolition derby/anything goes oval track races.
Picture 058.jpg (291209 bytes) Picture 062.jpg (199525 bytes)
Bailee & Brenda at Blue Springs checkin out the Manatees.  Hangin' at the races.
Picture 122.jpg (130706 bytes) Picture 124.jpg (211037 bytes)
Foo Man Choo at the beach A nice day at the beach
Picture 128.jpg (224334 bytes) Picture 129.jpg (314857 bytes)
Throw it farther Mom! Patches and Brittany keeping warm
Picture 134.jpg (322825 bytes)

Here's an idea, let's make a sandcastle out of Patches!

Picture 135.jpg (235725 bytes)

Brady catchin some rays

Picture 143.jpg (213669 bytes) Picture 144.jpg (312011 bytes)
Steph in the sun Hey, Patches does make a good sandcastle!
Picture 146.jpg (280534 bytes) Picture 156.jpg (515676 bytes)
Steve basting away It's a great day at Epcot
Picture 160.jpg (640227 bytes) Picture 162.jpg (327763 bytes)
It's a hot day at Epcot It's the fam!
Picture 163.jpg (271875 bytes) Picture 165.jpg (310307 bytes)
Who is this dorky character? What a small world!
Picture 167.jpg (254174 bytes) Picture 168.jpg (264689 bytes)
A stroller of fun Yo amigos!
Picture 169.jpg (270872 bytes) Picture 170.jpg (270883 bytes)
Chimichangas por favor! Que Pasa!
Picture 171.jpg (382744 bytes) Picture 179.jpg (204740 bytes)
Hey look, it's a jack ass Whoah dude!
Picture 181.jpg (116627 bytes) Picture 190.jpg (262261 bytes)
It's obviously been a long day at the park!! Bailee and Dylan at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt
Picture 201.jpg (233288 bytes) Picture 210.jpg (221811 bytes)
This was in our front yard - weird looking caterpillar? Brittany & Bailee Easter morning
Picture 217.jpg (170636 bytes) Picture 238.jpg (254412 bytes)
It's gotta be love! Steph having fun on the boat tour in Mississippi
Picture 241.jpg (237315 bytes) Picture 245.jpg (182125 bytes)
Bailee, Tanya and Kiaira just chillin' Hey, it's the fam in Mississippi
Picture 253.jpg (296798 bytes) Picture 270.jpg (203296 bytes)
Brad & Tanya partying in Mississippi Steve learning a thing or two from the fisherman
Picture 273.jpg (248321 bytes) Picture 277.jpg (169595 bytes)
Hey kids, it's a hotel - time to jump on the beds! Are we going out or not?
Picture 285.jpg (170173 bytes) Picture 296.jpg (237981 bytes)
It's the "Dare" graduation! Patches was just thrilled to be dressed in this Devil suit!
Picture 312.jpg (369978 bytes) Picture 313.jpg (298042 bytes)
It's our new boat! Here's a close-up shot of it
Picture 315.jpg (220111 bytes) Picture 318.jpg (230361 bytes)
Let's go, I'm ready to do some knee boarding! Brady & Steve building the covered porch out back
Picture 323.jpg (293780 bytes) Picture 361.jpg (188996 bytes)
Brady cruisin in the backyard Steve showing off his "shoot your eye out" shirt! 
Picture 381.jpg (180340 bytes) Picture 385.jpg (439063 bytes)
Merry Christmas Patches!  She's been a good dog! Yet another beautification project accomplished by "Steve the Great!"
Picture 390.jpg (186428 bytes) Picture 399.jpg (366690 bytes)
The Safety Patrol has decided to issue Bailee a citation! It's my birthday, and I'll party if I want to!
Yes, we still have this posted on our web-site!  It's called pride of catchership!