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Brady's African Pompano Steve's Hammerhead
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Steve's African Pompano Brady at the Keys
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Brady's Hammerhead Shark Watching the sunset in the Keys
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Brittany enjoying the sunset at the Keys Brady & Brittany gazing the skies
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The sea lion kissing Bailee The fam in the Keys
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Brittany's Hammerhead Shark Steve's Bonefish
Picture 556.jpg (375207 bytes) Picture 552.jpg (212720 bytes)
The kids swimming with a shark - eek! A view of us in our boat
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Bailee in her snorkeling gear Brittany & Bailee as twins
Picture 525.jpg (250508 bytes) Picture 519.jpg (220952 bytes)
Some unique folks we met in the Keys! Brittany at the Southern Most Point
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Beautiful Brittany &  Bailee the fishergirl Gary's Flounder
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Us by the Hulk ride at Universal Gary & Pam riding the wave at City Walk
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 Brady's Redfish Bailee & Kiaira at our house
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Brad's Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)  Bailee at the beach
Picture 421.jpg (183927 bytes) Picture 635.jpg (257273 bytes)
Steph and Bailee at the Mother's Tea Hey, it's Sponge Bob!
Picture 628.jpg (222844 bytes) Picture 424.jpg (292278 bytes)
Being silly Patches loves to knee board!