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Dec 05 162.jpg (244123 bytes) Dec 05 122.jpg (258298 bytes)
Playing 'musical stuffed animals' at Bailee's b-day! New Years Eve fun!
Dec 05 118.jpg (169010 bytes) Dec 05 106.jpg (311866 bytes)
Brittany wants a good pic for 'My Space' - Bailee wanted to sneak in the scene! Fun Christmas disaster!
Dec 05 113.jpg (205857 bytes) Dec 05 111.jpg (223614 bytes)
Future Wake Boarding Pro in his new wet suit! Bailee hiding in Sponge Bob's house
wDec 05 105.jpg (202106 bytes) wpeB.jpg (65074 bytes)
Patches loves her new bed! Brittany finally got what she wanted - a cell phone!
Dec 05 101.jpg (195967 bytes) Dec 05 099.jpg (269286 bytes)
Future guitarist at practice on Christmas morning! Santa was good to the birds too!
Dec 05 097.jpg (227540 bytes) Dec 05 098.jpg (222066 bytes)
Can I open this one first please?! Lounging around before Christmas.
Dec 05 014.jpg (193522 bytes) Dec 05 091.jpg (241598 bytes)
Brady freezing his ears off in DC. Steve's famous stories around the fire
Dec 05 083.jpg (185591 bytes) Dec 05 071.jpg (226216 bytes)
Christmas party joy (with jello shots)! Brittany all beautiful before her first school dance
Dec 05 076.jpg (295485 bytes) Dec 05 028.jpg (611032 bytes)
A beautiful angel at Christmas Hey, it looks just like the 5 dollar bill!
Dec 05 068.jpg (165789 bytes) Dec 05 033.jpg (637795 bytes)
Freezing our tails off in New York overlooking the Statue of Liberty thru the fog! Having a riot on the top floor of the scenic bus tour in New York (going 40 mph in 20 degree weather!)
Dec 05 035.jpg (482288 bytes) Dec 05 029.jpg (388970 bytes)
Inspecting all the fashions at the Hello Kitty Store in New York Steph gazing at the Washington Monument
Dec 05 025.jpg (163815 bytes) wpe25.jpg (74912 bytes)
That Washington Monument is huge! A preciously cold moment in DC.